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28-1-15   Natural England have decided to licence the 5 year Beaver trial on the River Otter - Great News! - If you see a Beaver or signs of them please report it to

Latest News:
As part of Natural England's response to Devon Wildlife Trust's Licence Application to return and release healthy Eurasian beavers to the River Otter, Natural England organised a public meeting on 14th January 2015. People in east Devon who have an interest in the beavers' future on the River Otter, were invited to the meeting and the majority of people showed their support for DWT's proposed River Otter Beaver Trial. (People who could not attend were also asked to submit details by Email or post before 15-1-15)
Natural England will now consider the licence application and the coments made by all of the parties concerned. They will now make a decision as to wether the Beavers can stay in the wild on the river, or if they will be caught and kept in captivity.
At the meeting Dr Elaine Gill (Natural England) stated that they had a board coming up within the next couple of weeks and that a decision should be made by then. Hopefully we will know more about the future of the Beavers in Early February.


In conjunction with Devon Wildlife Trust we are compiling a database of Beaver sighings on the River Otter. We are particularly interested in historic sighting. There is evidence that there have been beavers living on the river Otter for several years. We need to collate the evidence so please contact us if you have seen or even photographed Beavers on the river in the last decade.

Please send any information to Devon Wildlife Trust at:

If you wish to discuss a sighting or are unsure about what you have seen - send an email to Tony Bennett -  giving your contact details and we will get in contact with you



For information about our population of wild beavers check out our "Frequently asked questions" page or send a question to - 

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